Primary Care

NC Elder Care’s knowledgeable, handpicked physicians and practitioners are distinguished with years of experience in long-term care, hospital and medical office settings and with reputations for their cordial bedside manner. Oftentimes for residents in a long-term care setting, annual well-checks and other routine care is overlooked because they are in an assisted living or nursing home  or disregarded due to the focus on more urgent or acute needs. However, primary care is crucial at any age. Residents and their families can rest assured their medical concerns can be addressed and treated promptly without the hassle of contacting, scheduling, and transporting to an outside PCP. We provide routine checkups, annual wellness evaluations and acute care evaluations in-facility for residents to ensure their comfort is maintained while their health needs are still met in a timely manner. Having our own team of primary care providers to treat patients directly in the facility not only improves continuity of care, but also decreases transportation while maximizing patient wellness.